Friday, August 13, 2010

Brooke's surgery

Getting her gown on for surgery.
Playing before surgery.

Happy with daddy kisses.
Brooke and Cotton Candy on their way to surgery.
This is the part where mommy cried.

Brooke got a Popsicle after surgery. That was the one thing she wanted.

Still a little out of it.

Never cried when the IV was taken out.

The day after surgery.
Brooke's surgery went well. She had some pain the night of surgery, but she recovered quickly. Her doctor said the hernia was very large and that Brooke would probably not be able to walk the first day and that we would have to carry her. Brooke was able to walk with a limp but she walked and did great. The day after surgery she was bouncing off the walls and you would never knew she had surgery the day before. :)


Nicky said...

I started getting teary-eyed when I read this post. I know how hard that probably was on you sister. I am so thankful we serve such a good God that took good care of your little girl.

Kecia said...

That is so great! God is healing! We never foget to pray for you guys! Be blessed!