Thursday, July 22, 2010


Brooke and Cotton Candy are almost ready for surgery.
Bear from Emily and her mom Michelle.
Brooke loves her bear.

Brooke will be having surgery tomorrow. She has a hernia. I hate the thoughts of my baby being put to sleep. Brooke is doing well with it. I am not so sure how she will do tomorrow because she is a big mommy's girl. I think the hardest thing on her will be when they take her back and mommy can't go. It will be hard on me also.
Brooke has a bear from build a bear and the bear will go with her. The bear has scrubs to wear to surgery. Brooke also received a special bear from her friend Emily.
Thanks Emily and Michelle for the darling bear. I love his T-shirt.

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Nicky said...

weve been praying and praying for little brookes surgery, weve also been praying for you and Kevin. God is a good God and He's got His eye on His children- we love you guys and are praying for good...