Saturday, November 06, 2010


I have not updated in awhile. I will try and add some pictures later. Brooke is doing well. She is reading and doing very well in school. She is doing first grade. She loves art and loves to draw and make things. I went into her room and looked on the floor and saw hair. :( I am not sure what Brookie was thinking but I think she wanted bangs. She had this weird style with half cut that barely would go in the barrette. My sister fixed it so it don't look to bad now. I guess her scissors will have to be put up now. She has cut with scissors forever and never did that.

Courtney is doing great. She likes school. She loves  to write. She thinks she is 16.

Our sweet Perky bird died this week and it was sad for us. We had him for 8 years. He was a wonderful pet. Don't know what happened to him. When I found him in his cage he was barely breathing.

I will try and add some pictures soon.

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