Thursday, January 01, 2009

She Amazes Me

Brooke really amazes me sometimes. I had a Auburn T-shirt on today. This is our conversation.
Brooke= "your shirt says Alabama."
Me= "No my shirt says Auburn."
Brooke looks really confused.
Brooke=" No, Mom. It can't say Auburn cause Auburn says aww like Ostrich and that is a A not a O"
Brooke has a point here. A says AAA like Apple or A like ape.
O says aww like Ostrich or O like Orange. I can't convince her that Auburn says Auburn.

Last night I was asking Brooke what spells no, yes, cat, dog, mom, dad, and sis. She got them all right. Sometimes this child amazes me.


Kelly said...

That is really cool! If she brings it up again, you can try telling her that "AU" says the same thing as "O"...maybe that will get the point across!

Yeah...we always knew you got a smart one there :D

Kecia said...

So sweet!!

LucisMomma said...

That is really something! Happy for you, Mom! :)

And good thing you didn't have on a Bama shirt....war eagle! hee hee