Thursday, July 31, 2008

Tea Party

"I love cupcakes"
This is so fun.
Look at that smile.
Emma is in deep thought.
Brooke and Courtney
Sugar and Spice
Miss Brooke
Sadie...pretty little Lady
Libby Lou
Emma enjoying her tea.

Brooke was so Happy.
Alicyn and two helpers. (Thanks girls)
The girls was so happy and sweet.
Courtney pouring the Tea.
Alicyn pouring Emma some Tea.
Brooke before her guest arrived.
I hope you enjoy the pictures. Sorry that there was so many. I actually had over 100 pictures, but decided I better not put that many. LOL
I let Brooke have a Tea Party. She had so much fun. My only mistake was telling her a week before the party. She worried me every day about it.
Courtney and Alicyn was a big help. They served the little girls their tea and food.
The girls thought they were something with breakable plates and cups. They were so sweet picking their food up off their plate so lady like. Of course that did not last long when they started eating the cupcakes. LOL
The girls got along so well. I thought they might fuss some, but they did not. They all played GREAT together.


mommy24treasures said...

how darling:)

Kelly said...

Thanks so much for doing that! Libby really enjoyed herself!

Nicky said...

Yeah thanks for taking Emma too. Sometimes I think Emma just really likes hanging out with girls and doing girl things-
It's probably not always as easy to convince sword-fighting, bunny hunting, skateboarding boys to want to have a tea party. Anyway thanks.

Lauren and Ed said... sweet is that? Looks like you pulled out all the stops. I bet the girls just loved it. I am thihking of doing something like that for Mia's birthday! :)

Seane-Anna said...

Awwww! So sweet. And you can never have too many pictures!