Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Homeshool Question

I would like some feed back on the Bob Jones DVD program. If there is anybody that is using, or that has used this please tell me what you think.
Kelly I know I have spoke to you, so you don't have to comment unless you want.
I have heard negative and positive, so I would like to see what others are saying.


Turnip Greens said...

I used them this past year. The teachers were great! The only thing that I did not really like is that it took so long to do them. But over all I like it.

lwatson said...

Yes, we like it that is what we are doing for Travis this year{Kindergarden}!

mommy24treasures said...

we have the satellite which is basically the same thing. It has positives and negatives I feel. It could get really dull quick sitting in front of the tv for every subject. I feel for a few classes it can be beneficial and helpful. Jacob and Chloe learned to read with the phonics the past 2 yrs and their math is good. We did not do the spelling soc studies or science though, I did these subjects with them and made it more interactive and fun.
Ryan used their french and physical science and their UShistory, and geography classes last yr. He learned and they explain things well, but he thrives on interaction with other students as well because of his school background. It might have been different if he had never been in a classroom. This year he went to a co-op situation and where he studied with other students and had a teacher for all of his subjects. This upcoming year he is going back to co-op but will do math at home with teaching textbooks and use Bob Jones sat. for French and Spanish. He loves learning foreign language and the sat has good teachers.
Anyway back to BJ it is good there is just a possibility they can get burnt out if you try to do all subjects.
Its just too many hours in front of the tv.
Each child is so different in their learning,you will just have to decide if Courtney would get bored in front of the tv that much, also you really cant skip too many days or before you know it you are behind.