Monday, July 28, 2008

Free Cat and Puppies

Somebody strikes again. There has been about 5 cats spotted in our neighborhood that I am sure somebody dropped. I do not understand why people do that.
This black cat has made our house its home, but we don't need it. She is very sweet. The only problem is she is pregnant and she is huge. She looks like a very young cat. Would somebody like to have her???
We have two puppies to give away and now this cat. I hate to call the pound to the cat because I know they will probably kill her because they will not want to deal with the kittens.
I am allergic to cats so I don't really need to have to deal with kittens. Surely there is a animal lover out there that wants these animals. TAMMY, LEAH< KATIE????? Is your animal shelter needing some more animals? LOL


Brooke said...

We need no more felines right now...but thanks. haha! I'm trying to find a home for a puppy too. =) There are some shelters working with like petsmart I think. Those puppies are sooooo cute on here! I'm glad you signed my page it made me enter bloggers world again! =D

JinXiu said...

Thank you so much for your comments on my blog. I love taking pictures. I studied Photography in College. I even wanted to be a photo journalist but I went to Law school instead. Big Mistake. LOL.
I use one of 3 cameras. I have a Cannon Rebel, a Nikon 40D and a Cannon Cyber shot. My favorite is the Cannon, which is in the shop right now. Im not happy and I miss it.


Ahnna said...

hey...thanks for your comment! I can send you an invite if you would like me too.! Have a blessed day!