Friday, April 17, 2009

She tried

Look at the sheet hanging out.

I had a Thoracic Epidural Injection done Tuesday for my back. I have not been able to pick Brooke up and she has had a very hard time with this. I think since she knows I can't it makes it harder on her. Courtney and Brooke have both been helpful.
Brooke cleaned the whole play room up by herself. All the toys were picked up and it looked great. She went and made her bed up.(She tried I should say) She came and told me what she did. This is what she said." Mom, I thought it would help your back feel better so I cleaned up all by myself."
I went and looked and was so proud of her. I had to take a picture of the bed because it was so funny. She really did try. Take a look of her bed that she made up.

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LucisMomma said...

I've been wondering how you are doing, and praying for you every time I thought of you.

Love that Brooke! What a sweety to do all that for her mama. She did a great job on that bed!