Saturday, April 04, 2009

Me Update

We just got back from camping. It was the worst camping trip ever. I was sick the whole time. I still feel horrible. My throat is on fire and my head hurts so bad. My energy level is gone. I will try and post pictures later from our trip.

I also had a MRI done last week on my back. The results were not good. I have three herniated disk in my back. The upper back is bad. My options are surgery or shots. I think the shots is what I am going to do. Surgery scares me.
The one herniated disk is pressing into my spinal cord. The nurse said I have many reason to be in pain. This is very hard on me because I am a go getter and I like to do things for myself. Kevin does not want me to pick anything up. He is more worried than I am. Brooke is having a hard time with me not picking her up. That makes it hard for me.
If the shots will ease the pain that will be great. If not then we will just take it one day at a time.
This is a short update. I will try and add pictures later from our trip.

I did not have a good time. Between my back and not feeling well I was pretty miserable.


Tina said...

oh my, praying you feel better soon.

LucisMomma said...

Praying for your healing, Denna. Herniated discs sound so awful.

mommy24treasures said...

Denna I am so sorry you ahve been in such pain.
I pray your back grows stronger and healthier. Your youth is renewed as the eagles.


Kecia said...

Oh we're all praying for you!!