Wednesday, April 11, 2007


As many of you know, our family has been under a great deal of stress lately. I have felt physically and emotionlly drained. I try to do school with Courtney and my mind is a thousand miles away. Brooke will want me to read her a book, and I can't concentrate. I just have felt really down.
God helped me in so many ways last night. We was getting ready for bed. Brooke and I went to Courtney's room so that Courtney could say her prayers. Courtney was saying her prayers and thanking God for her mommy, daddy, ETC. Brooke interupted Courtney's prayer and said " Grandma to"It was so sweet. She was telling Courtney to be thankful for Grandma to. When Courtney was through praying, Brooke said " I pray to" I said "you want to pray in here" Brooke did. Brooke starts praying and I could not believe my ears. Of course her prayer was not in complete sentences, but we knew exactly what she was saying. She said "Thank you for mommy, daddy, sissy, uh uh grandma, grandaddy, mawma, papaw, uh uh uh" She stopped for a minute and this is the part that really got me. I could not help but cry. Brooke said "uh, help Austin, help Austin's mommy" I am not for sure what the rest of her prayer was because I was smiling and crying. I told Brooke that was the sweetest prayer. I ask her if she would go to her room and pray again and let me tape her. Of course she was all for that. She loves to be videoed.
She went to her room and I was able to get some on tape. Of course it was nothing like when she prayed in Courtney's room. Children really listen to our prayers and everything we say.
God helped me to think on the good that was going on in our life. Many things went through my mind. Here is this two year old, who is praying to God. This little girl that might have never known God, if God had not placed her in our hearts. As I thought about her prayer, I knew that had to touch God. I can just imagine him smiling at this sweet little girl. I also thought about our blessing. I am giving my girls the best thing in life. For them to know God, and to know that God and prayer changes things.
God did not stop with Brooke's prayer last night.
This next part of the post may seem silly to some of you. Some may think we was being silly for what we prayed about, but I don't. We have a little parakeet, that is our pride and joy. This is not just any old parakeet. This parakeet talks, plays ball, and loves us all. He says all kinds of things. Most parakeets don't talk much, if at all. Last night after the girls said their prayers, I was going to check my email. I noticed that Perky was not acting right. I got to thinking, and did not remember hearing perky chirp much. I started looking, and Perky was swollen up double his size. He was just sitting. He was not flying. He would not eat a cracker from my hand. I know my bird and I knew he was very sick. I yelled for Courtney. When Courtney came in and saw the bird she knew that he was sick. Courtney is crying her eyes out. I told her we could pray. Like I said I know some probably think that is crazy. We prayed and ask God to move on the bird that he would feel better. I also told God that I really did not need my bird to die right now with all the stress I have had on me. Perky still did not act right. It was killing me seeing my Child so upset. We decided to pray again. Within 15 minutes after we prayed Courtney starting yelling. She was like " MOM the swelling is gone down" I looked and sure enough the swelling was down some. Courtney, Brooke, and I was praising God. I knew that the bird was still not well. I did not want to discourage the girls from rejoicing, but I knew if God did not move completely that the bird would die. I wandered if he had a seed stuck and could not swallow. I mean his throat was swollen so bad. I told Courtney we would pray one more time and that she needed to go to bed and rest that God would take care of Perky. This morning we got up. The swelling is gone, Perky is chirping, Perky is eating, Perky is flying, Perky is healed. I know that you might find this strange, and many might think that nothing was wrong with the bird. That is exactly what the devil likes to tell us. I know that Perky was very sick and that God came to his rescue. God did it for us. My children will never forget this. Maybe God saw I needed some encouragement, and he used my bird, and my two girls to lift me up.


Alabamabrands said...

That is SO great!!

Mom to six! said...


God has told us that He wants us to come to him like little children. There is no doubt that He used both the girls and Perky to remind you of His love and mercy. What a shining example you are to those girls!


mommy24treasures said...

I am so glad Perky is ok. Praise God.
I am keeping you in my thoughts and prayers during this stressful time.


Ebbie Faith said...

As I wipe the tears from my eyes I am so thankful to know God and to read your blog today. Those who do not have pets do not understand the joy and love they give to a family. God is so loving and good and I know he heard your prayers saw your fears and granted you peace and health to your precious little bird. I am so happy for you and your family. What a lesson we all have learned from that.