Saturday, April 28, 2007

Dreams are Still Coming True

Sara is home with her forever Family
Anna Grace is coming Home
Sweet Ayla is coming home.
Brady is coming home.
I am so happy for all these family's.
Sara is home with her forever family. Sara has not adjusted well, so pray for her and her family. Her mommy is having a really hard time. I know it will get better. Hang in there Amy. In time
Sara will see how loved she is.
AnnaGrace will soon be coming home. I know her mommy, daddy, and all her family are so happy.
Brady is going to meet his family in a few weeks. He is one little doll. I just love his big brown eyes. I am so happy for Lisa and her family. Lisa was in our travel group when we went to China. Lisa is special to me, because we was on the same journey at the same time for our girls. We leaned on each other during our wait.
Lisa is also the mom to 5 beautiful children. Congratulations Lisa and family.
Ayla is coming home in a few weeks also. I have prayed many prayers for this sweet little girl. I am friends with her sweet mommy Tonya. Tonya has had a tough wait, but I am so glad that she is finally one step closer to holding her sweet Ayla. Tonya also has two other beautiful daughters. Wow three girls. I think they all need a brother. Does that sound like a good idea Tonya?? I am very proud that Ayla will soon be home.


2China4Ayla said...

Denna - My DH says we are ALL finished and after this tremendously hard wait I think we are too. Maybe I will have grandsons someday? Thanks for your sweet prayers and friendship.

Hodge said...

Congrats to all of your friends!!!


Mom to six! said...


How sweet of you to include our precious Anna Grace. Thank you for support during this wait.


Amy said...

Thank you for your good words! Thank you for the prayer!