Saturday, May 29, 2010

Disney Fun

Brooke and Courtney
My Little Princess

Brooke and her favorite Princess.

Courtney and her favorite princess.
My Two Little Darlings.
I am so behind on posting. We took the girls to Disney in April and they had a wonderful time. It is almost the end of May and I really need to post some Disney Pictures. We are through with school and very excited for summer.
I think I need to do a slide show because I have way to many pictures. This will give you a little glimpse of our magical vacation.:)


JinXiu said...

glad to see your back

we missed you

looks like you had a great time a disney. it truly is a magical place

happy summer

Lancaster said...

Great photographs. Best wishes to you.

Kirsty said...

What a sweet vacation. So cute!

Kecia said...

Hahaha! Disney is dreamy...