Thursday, March 05, 2009


Brooke and Molly. Molly is one of our little Chinese Friends. She was in the play.
Sadie and Brooke. Sadie was scared at this play so she did not want pictures with the characters.
Courtney and Alicyn with the Monster in the Closet.
Ready for the play.
Ally and Court
Sadie Bug and Brookie Bug.

We took the girls to a play. I thought it was o.k. The play was called "The Monster in the Closet." Sadie was a little scared. Brooke was a little scared also. This picture was before the play. The girls was all excited.
At the end of the play the girls were not as excited.
Sadie said she did not like it and that she wanted to go to Cinderella. LOL :)


Kecia said...

How cute they are???
God bless you!

AlabamaBrands said...

I really enjoyed these pictures.
Hope I didn't scare you into locking your blog.